The first of (hopefully) many more engaging premium templates for GSlearn. Its our take on the classic game mechanism of moving pieces around a board with the goal of moving the targeted piece to the goal.

Before we go on, note that this is a rather complex game in terms of behaviour logic. Plus, it used tables and table functions to achieve the results presented.


You have a black line. Thats your main line. You want to drag this line around the grid and connect it to the black dot/box to complete a level. To do this, you will need to move around other lines on the grid. These are the coloured lines.

It is all quite simple, but I wanted to provide something that has more flexibility in level design. Let me bring your attention to those white squares at the end of each line. 

These squares indicates if that particular line can be pulled (moved) from that side of the line. That means you can move a line form any side – allowing more complex solutions. 

The great news is that you can change how many ends each line can be moved from. Either both, one, or none. There is also a lot of options for customisation in design. Changing colours, or shape of lines is just a matter of adjusting table values or importing new images respectively.


I have provided a PDF with instructions on how to create levels. Fair warning, it is a little but complicated initially. Once you understand the layout, it very simple. Plus, there are two level already provide that can be used as reference.

Thanks for reading, and more importantly, I hope that these new line of templates help.



This GameSalad is available NOW- It is one of our premium templates and if you wish to support GSLearn, please feel free to look at the addition content available for the template for purchase. Plus, I am always available for live Skype Tutoring as a service. In case you find it easier for me to talk you through the template.