Endless Golf!


Endless Golf! – Great design. Include game file and demo file to learn the basic of golf controls.



This is one game I was very excited to create. Its an endless Golf style game. Expect I wanted to create a more visually appealing minimalist style. You can see it has a 3D(ish) effect with the platforms. They also appear out of the ground very nicely with a shadow attached to them. Another element that is very cool is that there are only two platforms used in total, and they keep recycling their positions. The screen or camera is not moving, its just the actors moving back and forward to create that effect.

Plus, after every successful landing, the golf ball and the platform it is on will change its height so the player is always shooting from the exact same height.

The colour style changes every game. There are a total of 5 different colours included. You can easily add more or less. You just need to edit the table, and change an attribute. And there is a nice little particle explosion effect for when the ball fails to land on the platform.

There are notes included.

Also, I have included a very basic golf demo with full notes, it does not have moving platforms, it just shows you the logic on how to create the moving arrow effect, fake gravity, score in more detail, and in a much simpler environment that the Endless Golf one.




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