Clocks of Time

by | Nov 17, 2018

This is one of my favourite little game mechanisms, based on the game Clocks. Its such an easy game that is filled with so much potential in game design, level building and user interaction. This template takes the previous Paid clocks template and turns into a better more customisable version.


You control a ball. The aim is to collect all clocks. You tap to shoot the ball in the direction of clock’s hand.

This template comes with two pre-designed levels. The great thing about this template is the use of tables. You create levels with tables to avoid multiple scenes and reduce loading times to zero. There is also an option to change colours for the clocks. At the moment – colours change depending on the size of the clock in 50 pixel segments. You can change this to suit what works best for your design.


There are 4 tables that are used to add levels. Each column is equal to a one level. The four tables include the X position, Y position, Speed, and Size of each of the clocks you want added. Each row represents a new clock. Just leave cell values with 0 if no needed. The first clock is the one that will be the starting clock – plan accordingly.

Overall, its very minimalistic – has very easy ways to add levels (plus we will have some cool level add ons coming out soon). Check out the gameplay video below. 

Thanks for reading, and more importantly, I hope that these new line of templates help. Also note, we are excited to let you know that if you create levels or designs or some sort of add on feature, you are welcome to get in touch and sell it on GSlearn.